Our Creative Process

At KOBU Foundry, developing a custom font is not just a design task. It is a process which involves research, analysis, know-how, sensibility and technique.

When approaching such a design task, we dive into our client’s idea and purpose in order to understand the message to convey and come up with the concept. Only then, we do start to materialise that concept.

Why should I go for a custom font?

Investing in a custom font is acquiring a tool with the potential to boost your brand’s communication. It will help you reach your targets by setting a visual signature that can be built to match your tone of voice, mission and values.

Brígida sketching details of a new font from KOBU Foundry

But I have no idea what’s the right typography for my project!

Don’t worry, dear human! We can help you with that. We are here to partner with you and, together, find the best solution to achieve your purposes.

We like to work very close to our clients because we have to really dig into your project, understand its fundamental guidelines, know your plans and, from there, come up with a fully customised typography that will fit your aim perfectly.

Brígida drawing a "K" character, for a custom type project

Ok, let’s do it! How can I get my custom font?

Unfortunately, we are still working on some kind of Bat-signal for our clients to point at the night sky, so, for now, you can only email us at [email protected] with your contact and a first idea of your project and we will get back to you asap with details to get the engines running! 

Testing is key in developing custom fonts. In this picture Brígida tests the readability of a new font.

Submit your request for a custom font

Creating a custom font is a big step for any brand so we are thrilled that you consider us for the job! Please take the time to describe your project and we’ll get back to you asap.

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The charisma of a custom font