Font Licenses

At KOBU, we believe the best way to nurture trust with our clients and ensure we meet their expectations is to set, in a clear and accurate approach, an agreement in which the relationship is established and defined.

At KOBU Foundry, particularly, we want you to make the best use of our fonts and that is why we provide a wide range of Font Licenses that are divided by usage and profile type, through a License Agreement (LA).

Basic Font Licenses

The usages for any font that you buy directly on our website are set by a Basic Font License, through a LA that is established between you and KOBU after the purchase is complete. You’ll automatically receive the LA in your e-mail together with the receipt of your order. These are lifetime and non-transferable licenses, which means that from the moment you acquire them, you can use them for as long as you want, either for personal or commercial use, as long as you strictly respect the usages that are defined according to the type of Basic Font License below:

  • Basic Font License for Creative Work: this type of license comprises the preparation of design work that includes the font for printing or digital purposes (e.g. magazines and newspapers, graphic compositions, posters, flyers, logotypes, social media posts (excluding video), etc). You can use the purchased font in any number of projects you want but, nevertheless, you can only install the font in up to 2 computers.
  • Basic Font License for Website and/or Web-based Applications: this type of license comprises the inclusion of the font files in websites and/or web-based applications, and/or e-pubs (eBook, eMagazine, eNewspaper or interactive PDFs), up to the predefined number that you select upon purchase.
  • Basic Font License for Apps/Games: this license comprises the inclusion of the font files in games, and/or mobile applications (iOS, Android or Windows), and/or software, up to the predefined number that you select upon purchase.
  • Basic Font License for Broadcasting: this license comprises the inclusion of the font files in pieces of video content for television broadcasting (television commercials, main titles, film and television shows) and/or digital platforms (e.g. video content distribution through Youtube, Facebook, Twitter and others), up to the predefined number that you select upon purchase.

The rights granted to YOU in the Basic Font Licenses above are for usage of the fonts in their original form only, and you cannot, in any way, modify the font software without the prior written consent of KOBU.

Furthermore, Basic Font Licenses are non-transferable, which means that you may not share, sell, lend, sublicense, lease, distribute, donate to any third party or entity. We kindly ask you to adopt all measures necessary to impede the undue use of the font by any person or third-party that had access to it. For example, for printing purposes, sometimes you will need to share the font software with print shops or related businesses. That is ok, as long as you take measures to verify that, upon completion of the service, the provider must destroy any and all copies of the font (btw, we advise you to only send non-editable files).

We understand that sometimes these Licenses won’t be enough and that is why we designed specific licenses for less restrictive usages of our fonts. If this is your case, please consider our Enhanced Font Licenses below.

Brígida drawing letters for some future fonts in KOBU Foundry

Enhanced Font Licenses

Our Enhanced Font Licenses extend the usages allowed by the Basic Font Licenses. Please note that these licenses are not available directly through our website and you must always contact us at [email protected] (we like to know our clients!) telling us which of the Licenses below you’ll need and explaining what usages for the fonts you have in mind.

  • Enhanced Agency License: specially designed for creative agencies and design studios, this license removes specific usage limitations of the Basic Font Licenses. For example: if you buy the Enhanced Font License for Creative Work, you will be able to install the font software on an unlimited number of computers as long as they are part of the same company. The font can be shared and installed among all your employees. Nevertheless, the license remains non-transferable which means that you cannot transfer the font files to the agency’s clients.
  • Enhanced Branding License: specially designed for companies that want to use one of our fonts as part of their brand communication. The font software can be installed on an unlimited number of computers, as long as they all belong to the same company, independent of its usage and, thus, applied to every possible touchpoint of the brand: from stationary, to websites, to advertising and broadcasting.

If you wish to acquire any of these Font Licenses, or if you have a special usage that we have not covered here, please feel free to reach out to us on [email protected].

Enjoy your fonts from KOBU Foundry 😉