KOBU Agency

KOBU Creative Digital Agency is a brand laboratory – we love to develop brands from scratch. Our method lies on an experimental approach guided by a mindful and comprehensive strategy. Exploring new fields is what we like most and our best ideas come from embracing the challenge of doing the impossible.

We specialize in brand identities, content creation (video, photography & copywriting), vegan diet counselling, social strategy, giraffe trivia, web development and skating. Also, we are working on a plan to conquer the world… from our couch.

You can check out our fine a**es clicking here!

Brígida working on fonts from KOBU Foundry

KOBU Foundry

KOBU Foundry is born from our passion for typography.

Our main focus is to develop customised fonts, as we love to grasp the feeling of a project and bring it to life. We always work to deliver the best suited typographic projects, completely designed for their purpose. We believe in learning from our heritage while unravelling new paths, so we like to take inspiration from the past and speed to the future.

If you are looking for an inspired type work, we are your team.

Are you just a type wacko like us? Take your time to look around and feel inspired.

You can also follow our doings on Instagram @kobufoundry

Brígida, the Type Master at KOBU Foundry

Type Master

Brígida Guerreiro is this young lady in the picture. She is a Portuguese graphic designer but only for a small part of the day. Mostly, she is a typography geek who masters the art of drawing letters and breathes inspiration from all around.

Brígida gives her best attention to every detail and meaning behind every line when crafting each type character. Her aim is to achieve perfectly fitted and exquisite works to exceed clients’ purposes. And that’s why dedication and passion are what best describe our Type project results.