Akuto Display
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Designer: Brígida Guerreiro Release Date: 2019

Akuto® Display

The Akuto typeface reveals a charismatic personality with a fair balance between its humanist side and its geometric side. It breathes through uppercase, lowercase, numbering, diacritics and punctuation characters. Conceived with a specific purpose, Akuto Display is a digital typeface that demands to be seen, instead of read. This font is best suited to be applied in newspapers, magazines, books or (not very extensive) titles.

"Rogue" with Akuto Display, highlighting characteristics of the font
"A" letter with purple Pantone with Akuto Display
"Bastard son" in several languages using Akuto Display
"Once upon a time" with Akuto Display
Creating the Akuto Display font

Once upon a time, in a very distant kingdom, there was a king who lived in a palace.

King Sans Serif had a simple soul but magnanimously ruled over his kingdom with a modern and minimalist attitude. He was known for his audacious and authentic personality and because he was accessible and easily mingled with the commons, he was very dear to everyone.

"In a very distant kingdom" with Akuto Display

Outcast composition with Akuto Display

Four words on purple background with Akuto Display
Words inside badges using Akuto Display "True blood"
Book covers using Akuto Display
Backgammon board with Akuto Display
Bags with "father and son! 4ever" with Akuto Display
Purple Flag with "Akuto and the Fiery Lake"

"Akuto and the Fiery Lake" purple poster with Akuto Display
"Empathy" Poster with Akuto Display
Poster with A letter "Less is more" with Akuto Display

King Sans Serif had many sons and each of them had very specific and differentiating characteristics – some were grotesque, others neo-grotesque, some were geometric and some others were humanistic.

But King Sans Serif also had a big heart and, whenever he could, he got involved with other styles, giving birth to some bastard children. These unfortunate children were outcasted to menial classes.

One of these outcast children was self-determined Akuto, who embraced his nature as a digital display typeface and followed his own path.

The word "spirit" written with Akuto Display


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Designer: Brígida Guerreiro

Release Date: 2019


Character Set: Basic Latin, English Letters, Uppercase, Lowercase, Numerals, Punctuation, Symbols

Opentype Features: Kerning

Supported Languages: Western European

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