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Designer: Brígida Guerreiro Release Date: 2020


Kawaru™ is a sans serif typeface with special fluidity and striking visual impact. It was designed bearing in mind its use for bold titles in websites and strong digital statements. Featuring only uppercase characters, it includes several alternative characters as well as numerals, diacritics for Western European languages and some punctuation for you to play with.

Kawaru™ is a variable font that allows you to play with the character width for a condensed version and also get a cool glitch effect. And, furthermore, it’s completely free! Go ahead, you type wacko, enjoy it!

"Welcome to the Jungle" written in with Kawaru typeface
Smarties with Kawaru typeface
Uppercase "KA" characters with Kawaru typeface
"They Best Day" with Kawaru typeface
Explore, Radio, Start buttons in Kawaru typeface
Numerals in Kawaru typeface
"Is this Real??" with Kawaru typeface
Kawaru typeface tested on a website layout mockup
"HOT DOG" characters in 3D using Kawaru typeface
"HOT DOG" characters in 3D using Kawaru typeface


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Designer: Brígida Guerreiro

Release Date: 2020

Formats: TTF (VAR), WOFF, WOFF2

Character Set: Uppercase, Numerals, Diacritics, Punctuation

Opentype Features: Kerning

Supported Languages: Western European

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