Okaasan Serif
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Designer: Brígida Guerreiro Release Date: 2019

Okaasan® Serif

Okaasan® Serif is a text font which distinguishes by the elegance of its characters. Inspired by the 1800’s rational mood of the Enlightenment thinking, Okaasan® presents a high contrast between thick and thin elements, fitting a Didone style. This typeface is a high contrast modern typeface with characteristics that offer a contemporary look. Due to its wide range of weights – Light, Regular, Medium, Bold and ExtraBold – Okaasan® Serif is an elegant choice for editorial design projects, applying perfectly both for headlines as well as short pieces of text. It includes Vietnamese diacritics for greater versatility and dynamics in a typographic composition.

"This is a manifesto about Motherhood" written in Okaasan Serif
Inverted "a" character for Okaasan Serif

The Venus of Willendorf is estimated to have been made in 30,000 BCE. She depicts the goddess of fertility and the worship of motherhood.

The Venus of Willendorf, a mystic mother, was our inspiration for Okaasan typeface. Like a mother breeds a rough diamond in her velvet womb and gives birth to a purposeful blast of elements, so does the meticulous process of giving birth to a typeface.

Different styles for the Okaasan Serif Font
Five words: Hope, Affection, Protection, Comfort and Heroine, written in Okaasan Serif
Sequence of words meaning "mother" in several languages, written in Okaasan Serif
"Super mother's" text in Okaasan Serif and Venus of Willendorf illustration
Love word in Okaasan Serif

The mother is the cradle of primal fertility, the original boulder from which flowers blossom eagerly towards a glimmer of hope.

The mother is a beacon, a compass, the restless candle valiantly illuminating the darkish of the darkest nights.

Elegant interior design of room with a poster of Venus of Willendorf and text using Okaasan Serif
Okaasan Serif applied in a web layout, displayed in a mobile phone on top of wood
Tote bag with illustration of Venus of Willendorf and the S character written in Okaasan Serif
Book cover mockup using Venus of Willendorf illustration and Okaasan Serif
"You are my hero" and Venus of Willendorf illustration for Okaasan Serif
"You are my hero" and Venus of Willendorf illustration for Okaasan Serif
Venus of Willendorf illustration with compass and shapes
"remember to make mammaproud" . Okaasan Serif

The mother is the most plastic of all creatures. She curls and whorls and dismembers herself to protect the fruit of her labour.

A mighty strength arises in her from the moment of conception, bestowing her the most graceful superpower of all: cosmic, timeless, ubiquitous Love.

A mother’s perception is instinctive, prescient… as if divinatory. A mother guides her offspring to overcome all obstacles and through the safest path. Like an omnipotent all-seeing eye.


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Designer: Brígida Guerreiro

Release Date: 2019


Character Set: Basic Latin, Uppercase, Lowercase, Numerals, Diacritics, Punctuation, Symbols

Opentype Features: Kerning, Ligatures

Supported Languages: Western European, Central European, South Eastern European, Vietnamese, Pinyin

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