Kaito Sans
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Designer: Brígida Guerreiro Release Date: 2019

Kaito® Sans

Kaito® Sans is a typographic family which includes three different styles with the same weight: Kaito® Sans normal, Kaito® Sans Stencil and Kaito® Sans Stencil + Texture.

Kaito® Sans is a display typeface inspired by the elliptical movement of the comets and by the grotesque style of the early 20th century. This typeface was designed to accommodate more than 80 Latin-related languages, and it includes caps, numerals, diacritics, punctuation and symbols.

Kaito® Sans conveys different moods through its three styles. Kaito Sans normal displays a relaxed character, and it’s perfect for titles and short texts in books or magazines. Kaito® Sans Stencil is quite suited for more poignant messages in art pieces like posters and packaging. Kaito® Sans Stencil + Texture breathes a bold and edgy spirit that applies perfectly to streetwear and sports apparel.

The Comet Orbit that inspired Kaito Sans
Names of comets written with Kaito Sans Stencil
Design of C letter on Kaito Sans

Description of a comet's orbit using Kaito Sans
Comet movement "Back & Forth" using Kaito Sans font
Orbit visuals with description using Kaito Sans
"Space" word in several languages with Kaito Sans
Skates decorated with type using Kaito Sans
New characters in Kaito Sans font
Cassette tapes decorated with type using Kaito Sans
Kaito Sans poster with words "Plasma Spin", "Laser Flip" and "Rocket Air"
Extruded metallic "E" letter using Kaito Sans
"SK8" skate visuals with Kaito Sans in 80s style
Mockup of hats with Type using Kaito Sans

So, our little white hero had the most glorious landing on the Moon! More a kind of a crash… But who cares?! Meji is the first rabbit on the Moon =D

And quite an unexpected surprise he got there! A helpful and unlikely friendship with Gaidô, the space dog, will put him one step closer to get back home! Go check this Meji Adventures’ episode and stay tuned for the next daring stunt to be performed by our bold rabbit friend!

Meji the rabit observing the comet arriving from his skate
kobu foundry . entertainment system
You have one chance!
Use the arrow keys to move up and down.
Use the arrow keys to move left and right.
kobu foundry . entertainment system


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Designer: Brígida Guerreiro

Release Date: 2019


Character Set: Basic Latin, English Letters, Uppercase, Numerals, Punctuation, Symbols

Opentype Features: Kerning

Supported Languages: Western European, Central European, South Eastern European, Vietnamese, Pinyin

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Kaito® is part of the Meji Adventures Font Collection.

Experience the whole story through the game map.

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