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Designer: Brígida Guerreiro Release Date: 2019


Sakasu is a digital typographic font meant to be seen. It is a perfect fit for short-length and mid-length titles as in newspapers, magazines or books. Sakasu includes a special set of characters that present ligatures to provide combinations of two letters in the same glyph. Both Sakasu Display and Sakasu Decorative, offer a vast number of relationships that allow you to assign more personality and charisma to a word or phrase.

"Magic" word with Sakasu Decorative
"Cirque" - Q letter alternatives in Sakasu Family
Sakasu Decorative poster

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls! Kobu Foundry has the honour and pleasure of presenting the most beautiful, the most irreverent and the most extraordinary of the display fonts born from the circus imagery… Sakasu!

Sakasu’s name derives from the Japanese, meaning “circus”.

This digital type font shows a delicate personality that sways with irreverence throughout its design.

Its timid serifs reveal a certain elegance and beauty. Its formal roots make the connection of the Roman style with the circus movements, channelled through its key decorative motif – the diamond.

"S" letter with Sakasu Family
"Mirage Circus" related sentenced with Sakasu Family
"Slack Wire" text with Sakasu Decorative
"Life is an Illusion" extruded text with Sakasu Display
"Hello Stranger" cinematic poster with a scary clown, text written with Sakasu Decorative and Display

"Stay quiet" cinematic poster with a scared girl, text written with Sakasu Decorative and Display
"Horror Show" extruded word with Sakasu Display
Blue book covers with text in bold using Sakasu Decorative
Wine bottles with "Great Taste - Red wine" in Sakasu Display
Circus bag with Sakasu Family embedded

When a magician says “Abracadabra!” and a rabbit comes out of his top hat or when an acrobat flaunts his flexibility in the middle of the arena, those are moments of amazement and audacity. This “wow factor” comes up translated in Sakasu through its uppercase characters, Roman numerals, ligatures, diacritics, punctuation and symbols. These features give Sakasu a unique personality and add a special spark to its projects.

Meji the rabbit at the Mirage Circus entrance - Sakasu Family
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Designer: Brígida Guerreiro

Release Date: 2019


Character Set: Basic Latin, Uppercase, Numerals, Roman Numerals, Ligatures (OTF and TTF), Diacritics, Punctuation, Symbols

Opentype Features: Kerning, Ligature

Supported Languages: Western European, Central European, South Eastern European, Pinyin

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