Tsuku Sans Serif
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Designer: Brígida Guerreiro Release Date: 2019

Tsuku® Sans Serif

Tsuku® Sans Serif is a digital typeface, strongly associated with the geometric style born in the Bauhaus school. It features geometric lines with a large x-height, displaying compact caps. This font contains five weights – thin, light, regular, medium and bold – and provides a large number of glyphs – uppercase, lowercase, numerals, diacritics, punctuation and symbols (namely arrows). Ideal for reading, Tsuku® Sans Serif can be used in various printed materials such as posters, publications, packaging or signage, but its contemporary character makes Tsuku® suited to the digital world as well, whether in gaming software, websites or apps. Tsuku® is also a good broadcasting tool and it can be applied in movie subtitles and adverts.

Are you curious? Let’s discover Tsuku® Sans Serif!

Tsuku® was born the moment when Meji glimpsed the Moon’s grandeur. He decided to reach her, after fleeing from The Great Moustachini. The Moon’s geometric shape was the motto for the development of this typographic design.

After crashing on the Moon, Meji had the most curious encounter with a very special space explorer.
Little white Meji visited the lunar base and loved the Moon’s magnetism. Curiosity led our daring hero to explore the sky’s magnitude. We can say that curiosity killed the cat… but not this rabbit!

Discover and experiment the 5 weights that this galactic digital typeface offers.

Come on… how cool is this?!
Follow Meji to the next chapter and stick with us on this adventure!

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Designer: Brígida Guerreiro

Release Date: 2019


Character Set: Basic Latin, Uppercase, Lowercase, Numerals, Diacritics, Punctuation, Symbols

Opentype Features: Kerning

Supported Languages: Western Europe, Central Europe

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Tsuku® is part of the Meji Adventures Font Collection.

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