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Akuto™ Sans Serif
8 weights + variable
get it from 40eur
play chess
Ereganto™ Serif
7 weights
get it from 40eur
Meji™ Serif
8 weights x 2 styles
get it from 65eur
Taiyo™ Serif
7 weights x 2 styles
get it from 50eur
Kotei™ Condensed
6 weights + variable
get it from 23EUR
AAAAA with Kotei Condensed at KOBU Foundry
- a variable font
get it for free

Best sellers

Human Grade Type
Ereganto™ Serif
7 font styles
starting at 40
Create tales to spur imagination with typefaces that tell stories. Enjoy!
Meji™ Serif
16 font styles
starting at 65
bastard child
Akuto® Display
1 font style
starting at 40

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